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This country witnessed history on Wednesday,  no doubt about it. As predicted, H.R. 459 passed through the U.S. House of Representatives with tremendous fury.

It really didn’t come as a huge surprise because this piece of legislation was the cornerstone of Dr. Ron Paul’s political career. Political junkies (like Johnny) who were watching on C-Span witnessed the passage by a 2/3s majority with more than a minute left to turn in votes and dozens of congresspersons who had yet to turn theirs in.

To put it bluntly, it was a friggin landslide.

This moment was definitely historic and a tangible victory for the Liberty Movement. Ron Paul’s R3volution, including the monstrous PAC he founded in 2008, Campaign for Liberty, had just forced most of congress to stick a sharp dagger in the side of the private bank which funded the institutions who contribute the vast majority of funds to their campaigns.

It was the dog biting the hand of the incredibly arrogant master. In my state of Arizona, every single member of congress voted for Ron Paul’s audit of the central bank.

The reality check came quickly however. Senate majority leader Harry Reid is now standing in the way of the Senate’s version even hitting the floor for a vote. He’s playing his role of typical partisan hack, who as recently as 2010 was calling for the same type of audit and claimed he had done so as far back as 1987.

I’m not sure how this man has continued to reign over the good people of NV, but he’s now standing in the way of history and frankly needs to be absolutely crushed by a massive phone/fax/email bomb.

The video below is just about all the motivation anyone on either side of the political spectrum should need to call him out.