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This is a company in Johnny’s neighborhood that couldn’t be more pathetic. Their rub is to videotape you driving down the road, mess up signal timing and then bend crash stats to support their agenda.

They love to pop up on my Facebook when some horrific tragedy happens with reminders to “be safe.” Yeah, American Traffic Solutions, we’re sure trying, but it makes diriving a lot more difficult when your company puts flashing birdhouses all over our intersections and then shortens the yellow light to boost revenue.

It would be nice if you all would move to communist China where the people actually support this sort of tyranny.

BTW, you don’t have to pay these psuedo-tickets from ATS, in case that was in any doubt. [source]

What kind of a freak would have such a creepy internet identity?? -JG


This makes me VERY happy. -JG


Courtesy of The Long Island Press

Seeing Red: Long Island’s Controversial Red Light Cameras

By Shelly Feuer Domash on October 6th, 2011

While making a left turn onto Uniondale Avenue from Jerusalem Avenue, a busy intersection in Uniondale, John Bohannon of…