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Johnny’s never been a huge fan of McCain, other than during the ‘08 election, but even that was a flop.

Now instead of keeping his mouth shut like he should have, McCain is giving Barack Obama and Eric Holder cover by calling Rand Paul a “Wacko Bird.” Sorry McCain… Rand, Cruz, Lee and Rubio are right.

Now you look like the tyrant when it was Obama and Holder that your party’s young leadership was targeting.

I have a feeling a lot of Team R is going to be avoiding eye contact with McCain until his departure in 2016.

Johnny’s on this list. If you’re not, I suggest you find a way to add yourself ASAP! ;) -JG

Wins. -JG

(via theaestheticanarchist)

This would make complete sense, if we were living in a James Bond movie. Alas, we are not. -JG


Holy wow this is awesome. From my friend Sharlene in Denver.

Where are the Death Panels when we really need them? -JG

See ya’ll at Gitmo. I’ve got dibs on Mohamed al-Kahtani’s suite. -JG

I swear Obama secretly worked for Bush, teaching that Admin how to properly war-monger. -JG


I’m all for whatever your personal preferences are, but I’m glad I missed this event. Gross. -JG

This IS real life. -JG

This IS real life. -JG

Gubmint gonna take care o me. -JG

Gubmint gonna take care o me. -JG